When it comes to your vision, nothing is more important than ensuring you fully understand your visual needs. With almost 20yrs of experience, Clarity Optical can help formulate the best solution to protect your eyes. You will have the confidence knowing that you have been delivered the most effective solution allowing you to enjoy life and what matters to you most.

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Eye Exam

Taking the time to assist you with your optical and ocular health will be our primary focus. With the latest equipment and technology for eye testing, our experienced team will be able to give you the best standard patient care. You'll have the confidence that you have made the right decision when it comes to your visual needs.


Are you looking for a quality range of brands, frames, lenses, and contact lenses?
Being an independently owned practice that can accommodate your needs whilst providing you with the highest level of quality, after-sale service, and style to your satisfaction. You'll have the confidence that you will always receive the best of technology along with the latest design trends that feel and looks stunning.


At Clarity Optical, we understand the struggle when it comes to finding the best option for your eye care. We have passionate optometrists who are therapeutically endorsed and can manage a variety of ocular conditions including eye infections, red eyes, foreign bodies, glaucoma, and macula degeneration. We have also helped many patients with their myopia control through treatments such as Ortho-K, atropine eye drops, specialty glasses & contact lenses. You'll have confidence knowing that your eye health is in experienced hands so you to focus on enjoying life with a clear vision.

1 Hour Glasses

If your someone who relies on their glasses for everyday use, waiting up to 2 weeks for a replacement pair if they're damaged is not an option. Clarity Optical can help reduce this inconvenience with the benefit of having an in-store optical lab. You'll have the confidence knowing that you'll receive a brand new pair of glasses within an hour.