Anti-fog wet tissue is a disposable wipe to help eliminate fogging on lenses, glasses and goggles. High-tech formula to clean effectively and dry quickly without leaving behind streaks or residue.

Suitable for all glass surfaces and safe for coated lenses, making it ideal for most applications. The wipes are big enough for large screens. It also come in packs of 30 with individually wrapped sachets that you can use anywhere, anytime.⁠ Now the Fog doesn’t have to be a nightmare… now you can wipe away your fears!


This super anti-fog wet tissue, are ideal for all kinds of lens.

⭐ Antistatic formula
⭐ Long-lasting, more than 24 hours
⭐ Ideal for all types of lenses, including multi-coated lenses



Pick one or more, Tearing and open the wet wipes, Gently brush away dust and dirt with the folded wipe. Unfold the wipes and gently clean the surface with circular movements until the surface is clean and dry.

So if you’re sick of fogged-up glasses, goggles or lens comes in and speak to our friendly team for a free sample* or advice.

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A box of anti-fog wet tissue with some anti-fog sachets  & a pair of black optical glasses

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