Did you know you can get an eye test and glasses made all in the same day…. HOW?

With an on-site lab and an experience optical dispenser, this means that we have better quality control and a quicker turn around time for your glasses. We also stock single vision lenses in most powers, therefore we can have your glasses done right after your eye test.

Where as corporate optometrist will take up to 3 weeks for a replacement pair as some come from overseas.  If you reply on your glasses to see & you don’t have a spare pair, this is not an option.⁠


Our other lenses: prescription sunglasses, multi-focal, progressive lens, and transitions will need to be sent away to one of our labs in Australia.


Enquire about your glasses with our friendly team or book an appointment to see one of our optometrists.


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A woman dotting up lenses in an optical shop

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