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When you have a high prescription, it makes it hard for you to choose glasses by yourself because you can’t see unless you come up really close to the mirror. This is what you should do! Don’t be shy and ask the assistant to take photos of you, picking the right frame is important. Better

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Myopia glasses are innovative spectacle lenses developed by Hoya for myopia control called MiyoSmart Lenses. Cutting edge research shows that myopia progression can be controlled by providing clear vision and constant myopic defocus simultaneously. They are more beneficial than regular single vision glasses that have no myopia control benefits.    What are Myopia Lenses? MiyoSmart Lenses are made

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Asian girl wearing black asian-fit glasses

Asian-fit, A-fit or enhanced fit glasses are for people with wide face shapes, high cheekbones and narrow or low nose bridge. Everyone can look great in glasses, it’s just about finding that right pair of frames that works for YOU! People with low nose bridges and wider faces generally struggle to keep their glasses in place.

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