Studies show Orthokeratology or Ortho-K lenses are safe for use by people of many ages, including young children and adults and like any other contact lenses, Ortho-K has the same risk. It is also the most effective optical treatment for myopia control. Ortho-K treatment generally occurs in a controlled safe environment. They are overnight contact lenses that safely corrects your vision when you sleep.  The lenses are worn during sleep, generally up to 8 hours and with your eyes are closed, the lenses are not exposed to outdoor environments like dust.

Ortho-K or night contact lenses, is the next revolution in vision correction, it is a non-surgical, safe and reversible contact lens procedure that gently reshapes the front of your eye to correct people with myopia (short-sightedness) or astigmatism. Many patients with dry eyes also do well with Ortho-K. Since you are wearing the lenses only while sleeping, the closed eye state minimises evaporation loss of tears that can give dry-eye patients improved vision without compromising the ocular surface.


Where do you start with Ortho-K?


​See an expert Orthokeratology practitioner with the right experience, equipment and skills to fit OK lenses well for all ages. A therapeutically-endorsed optometrist, who is highly trained in eye health and can prescribe medicines for the eyes, just in case you ever need to treat your eyes.

Good fitting lenses are essential for good vision, comfort and it minimizes the risks. Quality Ortho-K lenses are made from breathable and high oxygen materials that are essential to good eye health during sleep.​

Attending all your Ortho-K scheduled reviews are very important, this is to ensure your eyes health and treatment are effective.​ Follow your practitioner’s instructions and maintain good practices of hygiene and lens disinfection every day.

Call your optometrist immediately if you are ever in doubt.


We have qualified optometrists who are therapeutically endorsed & specialize in myopia control. We can help you choose a suitable myopia control treatment option. Book an appointment to discuss your options further.


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Placing a hard orthok lens that looks like contact lens on a girl's finger

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