Do you need glasses urgently and want to know if your prescription glasses can be made within an hour?

At Clarity Optical, we have an onsite laboratory and a team of well-trained technicians. Having an in-store optical lab means that the majority of our spectacle jobs can be completed within the hour. We have single vision prescription lenses in most standard powers. This gives us greater control of your visual positive outcome.

Whether you’ve lost your glasses, dropped them, sat on them or smashed them, Corporate optometrist will take up to 3 weeks for a replacement pair. If you rely on your glasses to see & you don’t have a spare pair, this is not an option.⁠


How does it work?

After your eye test, we can then determine your prescription. Once you have decided on your choice of frame, a technician will then selects a lens blank with the correct amount of existing curvature so that it corresponds with the patient’s prescription. The lens is then placed in the generator, or grinding machine and the flat back of the lens is ground into the correct shape for your frame.

Next, the frame is heated slightly to insert the lenses in nicely. The glasses are then cleaned, packaged ready for collection.


Enquire about your glasses with our friendly team or book an appointment to see one of our optometrists.



A female using an edge cutter machine to cut lenses

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