Blephadex Eyelid Foam Cleanser



  • Contains all natural ingredients including coconut oil and tea tree oil (the only ingredient proven to kill Demodex mites)
  • Preservative-free
  • Provides gentle, soothing relief and comfort for symptoms associated with blepharitis, dry eye, rosacea, meibomian gland dysfunction and Demodex mite infections
  • Eyelid and eyelash safe
  • No harmful chemicals or burning sensation
  • Can be used daily to remove makeup, oil and debris
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Blephadex Eyelid Foam Cleanser
Blephadex eyelid foam cleanser provides the same effective treatment as the eyelid wipes in an easy-to-use dispenser. The cleansing foam contains an all-natural formula of tea tree oil, the only natural ingredient proven to kill Demodex mites, and coconut oil, which leaves the eye area soft and moisturised after each use. The Blephadex foam cleanser is preservative-free and can be used on the eyelids and eyelashes without any harmful chemicals or burning sensation. The foam cleanser comes in a bottle convenient for use at home and can be used if a disposable wipe is not preferred. It provides gentle, soothing relief for environmentally conscious sufferers from symptoms associated with blepharitis, dry eye, rosacea, meibomian gland dysfunction and Demodex mite infestations. The foam cleanser can also be used as part of one’s daily routine to remove makeup, oil and debris. Studies have shown that using Blephadex eyelid wipes significantly reduces Demodex mite count and dryness symptoms, and lead to improved comfort over time with no impact to tear volume and lipid layer thickness.

Key Features
Why is lid hygiene important?
Daily eyelid care is just as important as brushing your teeth! Cleaning your eyelids daily leads to healthier eyes, reduced risk of eye infections and prevents damage to the surface of your eyes. Daily cleaning of the eyelids can also reduce symptoms such as:
* Light sensitivity
* Blurry vision
* Itchy and burning sensation
* Swollen eyelids
* Watery and fatigued eyes
* Dryness and discomfort

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