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Freshlook Colors 6 pack


FRESHLOOK COLORBLENDS contact lenses are for naturally beautiful dark or light eyes in a wide range of desired looks-from subtle eye color enhancement to a bold, noticeable change.

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Freshlook Colors 6 pack
FreshLook Colors (Opaques) contact lenses by Alcon are a colour contact lens option offer a exciting way to update your eye colour with an alluring and dramatic new look along with exceptionally clear vision correction. The Freshlook Colors lenses use a unique 3-in-1 colour technology that allows the beauty of your natural eye color to blend with the lens colour you select for a natural appearance. Offering an impressive 55% water content, these lenses will keep your eyes feeling hydrated and irritation-free all day long. The FreshLook Colors (Opaques) lenses are specially designed for people with darker eyes who are looking for a bold natural-looking change in their eye color.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Alcon (Ciba Vision)
Parameters: Base Curve 8.6 - Median. Diameter 14.5
Packaging: 2 lenses per box


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