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Our Focus

At Clarity Optical, we focus on real life-changing optical technology including orthokeratology and specialty contact lenses. Our optometrists also have expertise in ocular therapeutics, enabling them to diagnose and manage a variety of ocular conditions including eye infections, red eyes, foreign bodies, glaucoma and macula degeneration.

1 Hour Glasses/

Eye Exam

A thorough ocular examination will always be the primary focus.

Having an in-store optical lab means that the majority of our spectacle jobs can be completed within the hour. This gives us greater control of your visual positive outcome.

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What is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology, otherwise simply known as Orthok or night contact lenses, is the next revolution in vision correction. It is a non-surgical, reversible contact lens procedure that gently reshapes the front of your eye to correct your prescription all while you sleep. The key benefits of OrthoK include:

Freedom of lifestyle from no lens wear during the day
Comfort of eyes due to no lens wear during the day
Reduced progression rate of myopia or short sightedness during Orthok correction

Conventionally Orthok has been limited to correcting smaller degrees of short sightedness. However at Clarity Optical, recent advances in lens technology and design allow us to correct up to higher ranges of short sightedness, moderate astigmatism and even mild degree of long-sightedness.

Ask in store or chat to one of your friendly staff for all the procedures and benefits associated with OrthoK.

Brands Collections
We pride ourselves on our extensive quality range of brands.

Frames and contact lenses

Our frames, lenses and contact lenses are independently sourced according to the highest level of quality, after sale service and style. This ensures that you will always receive the best of technology along with the latest designer trends that feels and looks stunning.