Asian girl wearing black asian-fit glasses

Asian-fit, A-fit or enhanced fit glasses are for people with wide face shapes, high cheekbones and narrow or low nose bridge.

Everyone can look great in glasses, it’s just about finding that right pair of frames that works for YOU! People with low nose bridges and wider faces generally struggle to keep their glasses in place. Asian-fit glasses have slightly bigger nose pads, designed for comfort to sit off your face and prevents nose slippage. High cheekbones often face the problem of glasses touching the face when you wear normal designed frames.

We have many brands with “Asian-Fit” glasses, like Gucci, Burberry, Rayban, Oliver Peoples, Dior, Givenchy and many more⁠.

So if you are wearing frames that sit on your cheeks or keeps sliding off your nose, you may need to look at Asian-fit, A-fit or enhanced fit type of glasses. 

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Asian lady wearing a black Asian-fit glasses

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