We are now more digitally connected – from working at home to online classes, to binge-watching Netflix. It is a given that our eyes need protection from the damaging effects of HEV (High Energy Visible), or what is commonly known as blue light.

If your eyes are feeling tired or strained after a day of staring at screens, you can follow our 20/20 rule. Alternatively, upgrade your glasses with a pair of blue light filter lenses for $35⁠.(T&C apply)

Benefits of Blue Filter light Lenses
⭐ Filters harmful blue light from digital screens
⭐ Reduces glare and increase contrast
⭐ Reduces symptoms of early age-related macular degeneration
⭐Alleviates discomfort from digital eye strain

Tips for 20/20⁠
⁠⭐ Look at something 20ft away for 20 sec every 20mins⁠
⭐ Blink to refocus⁠
⭐ Drink to hydrate⁠
⭐ Use transition lenses as it also filters harmful blue light⁠
⭐ Upgrade your lens with a blue light filter from $35⁠ (T&C apply)⁠
⭐ Adj setting on device ie. Brightness, text, size & contrast⁠
⭐ Have an eye test annually.⁠

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