Myopia glasses are innovative spectacle lenses developed by Hoya for myopia control called MiyoSmart Lenses. Cutting edge research shows that myopia progression can be controlled by providing clear vision and constant myopic defocus simultaneously. They are more beneficial than regular single vision glasses that have no myopia control benefits. 


What are Myopia Lenses?

MiyoSmart Lenses are made into eyeglasses and are designed for those who can not use speciality contact lenses. They are worn full time for maximum effect. It’s a very safe, easy and non-invasive method of myopia control management for children.


Studies show that these lenses slow down the rate of myopia progression by 60%*, which is a similar effect seen in Orthokeratology, some Myopia Control Contact Lenses and 0.05% Atropine Eye Drops (with single vision spectacles).



Where can you buy Myopia glasses?

At Clarity Optical, we specialise in Myopia Control. We provide treatments to control myopia progression in children and adults. Our range of services includes prescription with MiyoSmart Lenses. Book an appointment to discuss your options further.



MiyoSmart Lens diagram

                              A boy wearing MiyoSmart Lens glasses




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