Contact lenses are a fantastic alternative to spectacles particularly for activities such as sport and going out, and for people who simply don’t like wearing glasses. 


Since contact prescriptions are not the same as glasses prescriptions, you will need a contact lens consultation, especially if it’s your first time getting contact lenses. If you go to an independent optometrist, they are more exposed to many different brands, while corporate optometrists are limited.


There are many different types of contact lenses on the market and you may be unsure what type of lens is appropriate for your eyes. Depending on your life-style our optometrist will recommend the most appropriate type of contact lens wear for you. They will assess and make sure the lenses fit well on your eyes and teach you how to handle and look after the lenses. 

You will need to come in six months for assessment and make sure your prescription hasn’t changed. You should also update your prescription every one to two years.


How do you determine which contact lenses are best for you?

After your consultation, our optometrist will give you trial lenses to try & take home, if it’s not right you try something else. If it’s the right one, then you can make your purchase.


What type of contact lenses are there?

Depending on when you are planning to wear your contacts, it could be for sport, every day or only for special events? You have a wide range of lens types to choose from. Some of these lens types include:

  • Daily wear
  • Weekly wear
  • Fortnightly lenses
  • Monthly lenses
  • Myopia control contact lenses

Your life style, eye health & budget help our optometrist determine which lenses are the right choice for you.


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